Beginner workouts

This info is stemming from a co-worker asking me a few questions about working out. In turn, I decided to share with all of you what was sent to him by email. This one says it's for people who are in there 50's or so, but the tips are good for everyone-—and-keep-it-off—after-50/ar-AAFTSer?ocid=spartanntp This link … Continue reading Beginner workouts

Best Kept Secrets

#fitness #exercise #health #nutrition #healthylifestyle #fitnesslifestyle   I call this "Best Kept Secrets", because they might be resources nobody uses or use to much. What I'm speaking of are magazines, authors, RD's, certification sites, gyms/health clubs or even medical professionals (Yet check there qualifications of course and refer to your own doctor to see what's best … Continue reading Best Kept Secrets

3 Websites

#health #nutrition #healthylifetstyle #exercise   There are 3 websites I used to frequent and still look at sometime. Now there are a lot of websites out there, I've seen a lot of them. Yet I'm sure I still have not scratched the surface of all the great content out there. These are just a few … Continue reading 3 Websites

More Ironbywood

#fitness #exercise #health #nutrition #healthylifestyle My articles or writings may take some time. I have a few things to share that are already written, they just need to be reviewed and proof read. So in between articles, feel free to look at my Facebook page. My Facebook page has tons of articles and free stuff … Continue reading More Ironbywood

Fast food breakfast in a different way

#nutrition #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #fastfood #breakfast #health Fast food is all about choices when it comes down to eating something healthy. Yet I want to share a different way to get fast food. A way some stores have made possible. Some grocery and convenient stores now have microwaves, which allows you to purchase a frozen … Continue reading Fast food breakfast in a different way

Free stuff

#nutrition #health #healthylifestyle #fitness #exercise Always good to get free stuff, especially when it deals with living a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few free downloadable publications- As always, consult your Primary Care Physician and a RD before putting any information from these magazines or this website into practice. Also review the … Continue reading Free stuff

Looking for a Certified Personal Trainer

#exercise #personaltraining #health #healthylifestyle #fitness Things to consider when choosing a Certified Personal Trainer. Some of the things in this link I do not agree with. But it does open your eyes to things and should cause you to ask your CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) for references and so forth. Lastly if a Fitness Professional … Continue reading Looking for a Certified Personal Trainer