2023, Make it a Resolution for a Lifetime

2023, Make it a Resolution for a Lifetime These were a few articles I read. Then a couple of things I downloaded and some things I posted. I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year  NASM wellness articles, http://www.nasm.org - https://blog.nasm.org/make-your-2023-wellness-plan https://blog.nasm.org/how-to-start-working-out-stay-consistent?utm_source=hs&utm_medium=email&utm_content=010823_n_aa_75off_0down_cta&utm_campaign=content_rmk_promo&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--ItEjQCcjXQZQajsErycEMq-yXuqFEJ5xgK2DG6kzgyQsCGhZaoI4szO45akA7v1qzqur5b7Z2_H3CEKco1oitzPIbVg&_hsmi=240751752&hsCtaTracking=64a08969-78a5-4edf-a991-3944b84f4175%7Ca81438eb-e43a-40a9-812b-0f8610d1fdcd (Though I'm not about weight-loss, I'm about health. This was still a good … Continue reading 2023, Make it a Resolution for a Lifetime

Helpful Links

A few links that could be helpful to your progress, yet go over them with your doctor first. Tasteforlife Experiencelife VeryWellFit Fitandwell PrecisionNutrition ChekInstitute Zonia Ovadiahearthealth Eatthis EatingWell VeryWellHealth Healthline Harvard websites dealing with health and nutrition BetterNutrition Also feel free to join and look up my Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr page as well. All … Continue reading Helpful Links

My workout today

                                                            My workout Today My workout today can fall under the quick workout category. https://ironbywood.com/2022/07/26/how-to-get-a-quick-workout/ When COVID-19 hit I had to modify my workouts. As a matter of fact, I missed a whole lot of workouts do to not knowing (Meaning not figuring out) how to schedule around work and family activities. I am … Continue reading My workout today

How to get a quick workout

#Exercise #Fitness #Health #Healthylifestyle How to get a quick workout (As seen on Paul Cheks Blog)- https://www.paulcheksblog.com/my-5-exercise-circuit-workout/ Something to remember. Nutrition and rest/sleep is the foundation of exercise or a healthy lifestyle. Exercise sits upon the foundation of nutrition and rest. The thing is, until we get through the clutter of bad habits (Bad time … Continue reading How to get a quick workout

Interview with Steve Haywood, Pro Bodybuilder and Physique Competitor

                                                            Steve Haywood Interview So, what got you into bodybuilding and when did you start?Steve: Well, you know the history here.  You were the person who approached me about competing. Before that, I hadn't given it any thought.  I just finished my football season at Bowie State University and was in the gym lifting weights.  … Continue reading Interview with Steve Haywood, Pro Bodybuilder and Physique Competitor

2 Books

A while ago I wrote to you about 2 books I was reading. Well, now I've been blessed to finish both of them. Both books deal with wellness and both books deal with science behind wellness. The name of the book I finished first was "Live Intentionally Well". The book was written by Jerry Frentsos. A … Continue reading 2 Books