2 Books

A while ago I wrote to you about 2 books I was reading. Well, now I've been blessed to finish both of them. Both books deal with wellness and both books deal with science behind wellness. The name of the book I finished first was "Live Intentionally Well". The book was written by Jerry Frentsos. A … Continue reading 2 Books

Supplements (A common sense approach)

#supplements #nutrition #diet #health #wellness #food #exercise #fitness Now this is not going to be a scientific writing like most of my collogues and very knowledgeable Fitness Professionals would give you. Some of which are not only Fitness Professionals, but also Registered Dieticians, Holistic Dieticians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Pre-med graduates, Nutrition majors, have some advanced nutrition … Continue reading Supplements (A common sense approach)