First blog post

This is Ironbywood’s first blog post. You will find information and conversations dealing with health & fitness, enjoy.


Conversation on Addictions

A friend of mine and I just finished talking about addiction, whether it’s cigarettes, drugs or alcohol and that one would need help. If they want it, that is the catch.

My friend was sharing how most people either don’t want help or feel they have it under control (Of course there are those who just do not care unfortunately). My friend was like, they do need help and do not have it under control. For if they let it go, they have to replace it with something or else when they get frustrated/under pressure/stressed in life, looking for a release, they will go back to it.

This is why people who are dealing with weight issues, those who nibble all the time or too much (For timely healthy nibbling is fine), have a hard time reaching their fitness goals.

Do you eat when you are stressed? Do you eat when you are sad? Do you eat when you are happy? Do you eat when you are mad? Do you eat when you are lonely? If you have answered yes to some of these, you may have an addiction. With that being said, why have you not sought help.

Have you ever thought of something to replace your addiction with such as walking, art work, reading, writing or taking a course?

If you need help please seek it. I have enough links here on this Facebook site that you can find something. You can also speak with your clergy, Registered Dietician, doctor, counselor or a psychologist. If you need to even join a group like Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers, do it. But in all, get help. 

If you are not willing to ask for help, help yourself or get help, you will not get help and your situation will never change.

If this is what you want, do not complain or complain of the results your complacency, choices and procrastination has brought you.

Check my Facebook page “Ironbywood” for more info.

Be well, be blessed



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