Fast food breakfast in a different way

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Fast food is all about choices when it comes down to eating something healthy. Yet I want to share a different way to get fast food. A way some stores have made possible.

Some grocery and convenient stores now have microwaves, which allows you to purchase a frozen meal, heat and eat it right there on the premises.

I believe 7 – 11 has allowed you to do this for years, but the place I want to highlight today is Wegmans.

Wegmans has a seating area with a microwave (Check for the hours of the seating area).

There are a few breakfast microwave meals that I feel are healthier alternatives as compared to regular fast food breakfast choices:

  1. Dr. Praeger Breakfast Bowls,
  2. Good and Simple Breakfast Bowls,
  3. Healthy Choice Breakfast Bowls,

So if you go to Wegmans or any grocery store that offers microwave services, try one of these three frozen breakfast items.

Most importantly check with your Primary Care/Internal Medicine Doctor and a Registered Dietician to see what type of meal is best for you.

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