Work and Life Wellness

Employee wellness can be very expensive, as with life wellness.
One of the things a business can use is good books, education or both.
Of course lifestyle is up to the employee. Yet giving your employees tools and direction is a start.
For as was said in the Matrix, “I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it”

I can only show you the door – YouTube


I have not read this book yet. But I used to work with the author years ago and I know his passion for wellness.
When I worked with him, he was a RD (Registered Dietician), CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and Cycle instructor.
I also love the video he has associated with it.

Other people with books or programs that seem interesting or may be helpful.
I myself either have these books, thumbed through them, heard about them through work or got them through work.

Tom Nikkola
Great website and a free ebook called “The First 3 Habits of Vigoress Health”

Frank Lipman
Book called, “How to Be Well”

Kellie Harding
Book called, “The Rabbit Affect”

Kristine Gedroic
Book called, “Nation Unwell”

Harry Oken and Stephen Schimpff
Book Called, “BOOM!”

Then a course I took from Chek Institute and Paul Chek.
The course is called “Primal Movement Patterns”. The course comes with a short book that talks about nutrition as well. Paul Chek has a few good books that deal with wellness. Some of his stuff is said to be controversial, but a lot of it makes sense. Just take a look at his website (Do a search of his name or institute).

Most of us as humans, in work and in life, are reactive when it comes to health.

You might find being proactive the better alternative.

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