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No, I’m not going to talk about BMI to much today.

I actually seen a post on a nutrition page that I found by accident.

But finding your BMI can be deceiving because bone structure, genetics and muscle.

I liked the post a nutritionist put up about BMI and they’re not the first. So do a search for yourself. In your search type in BMI, “How important is BMI?”, “How to get an accurate BMI?”, and “What is the best way to check your bodyfat?”.

For me, I always used to say to my clients, “Are your clothes getting loser?”, “Are you seeing muscle tone in areas of your body that you didn’t?”, “Are you getting stronger?” “Has your flexibility increased?” and “Do you have more endurance?”. These are things I felt were more important than the scale and BMI. Then of course when you go to the doctor. They will tell you other areas you may have improved on through blood test.

Yet if checking your BMI and bodyfat helps you reach your goals, go for it. Just learn what to look for, for your body.

So on one of the post the “Ironbywood” Facebook page, they talk about BMI.

Oh, ran into this on “Linkedin”, free exercise class tomorrow morning at 7:30am for those who are awake. Just watch if your doctor has not given you the “Okay” to exercise.




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