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These thoughts came from a email I got from Shapefit, entitled “Reasons Why People are Overweight”. Now let me add, being overweight or what is considered overweight does not mean you are unhealthy. No more then a person who appears to be in shape is healthy. I’m sure and hope, the article dealt with people who were unhealthily overweight. To where it could affect there health and joints.

Yet to be healthy or unhealthy has a lot to go with it. It was something I had been thinking of for some time and this article, as well as a conversation with a co-worker just inspired thoughts.

To go on. Lately I’ve been thinking of how we as humans sometimes are when it comes down to health. In that thought process the question came to me. Why do we have to be convinced to be healthy?

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Yet we must ask ourselves, even for those who do not like to be active, pay attention to there eating habits or investigate there eating habits. Why do we have to be convinced to be healthy or of the benefits thereof?

Though we know there is no guarantees. We do know that proper nutrition, lifestyle changes and a consistent exercise routine (Being active consistently in what you are capable of doing, also counts as exercise). Has lifelong benefits and is one of our best prevention methods against certain ailments. Yet we still have to be convinced.

Then when one of these things (Ailments) come upon on us, that may have been prevented, we want to do all we can to fight it (Which we should, if that’s our choice).

In the past, when emailing clients. We talked about love for yourself, care for yourself.

Is it that we don’t care about ourselves that much? Is it that we don’t appreciate life that much until we go through something or see a loved one go through something health wise, that we then become motivated to be as healthy as possible? Is it that we put all our energy into others that we don’t make time for ourselves? Not realizing that if we’re not healthy we’re not going be able to do much for others or be around to do it.
Barring things we can’t control, it is my hope that you seek and strive to be the best version of yourselves possible. Though the best version of yourself may change through out the years. The fact that you are striving to be your best year after year, you will not regret it and neither will those around you.
It kind of makes me think of a Indian proverb that I will not do justice, but goes something like this, The land is not your own, your bowering it from your children.

Ok I found the quote, this is only a portion of it.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.”

A statement that goes along with this, is a statement a person made concerning when we go through things in life. Stating that we go through things in life not just for ourselves, as challenging as they are (How we receive them determines the improvement and strengthening of our character). We go through things for others. So we are be able to help others in like situations, from what we learned from our situation.

Folks it is the same with striving for good health. It allows us to help others more, think better, and enjoy every aspect of life that much more.

Something that came to me to share with students as an adjunct-faculty instructor at a community college at one time. I told them health and exercise is like life. In life you may go through break-ups in relationships, maybe become sick, maybe be injured or it might be a loved one that goes through this. People you care for may die/pass away, you may lose a job, so forth and so own. How you respond to these things determines your growth character wise. I would go on to tell them a little bit about what happens to the body if we are dehydrated and what happens to are intestinal tract if we do not eat enough fiber (The more are intestinal tract works from good food, the better. The more sluggish are intestinal tract is and bad foods, the worse off it will be). I told them everything in life takes work. So in other words to strive for health and be consistent with it, takes work.

Maybe that’s it. Why we have to be convinced of health or are not interested in it. It takes to much work along with everything else we’re dealing with in life.

In most cases, ignorance is not an excuse. For there is to much literature out there now be it written, the internet or both, it’s out there. So it must be the work and consistency that goes into into striving for good health.

For me. A healthier America (World for that matter), is a stronger America. We have to many resources not be the healthiest nation on the planet, lets make the most of them.

So I will finish with the same questions/thoughts we began with. Why do you have to be convinced to be healthy? Why do you have to be motivated to be healthy? How come life itself and the appreciation of it thereof isn’t motivation enough?

The answers to these questions will help us be our best selves and be more to others longer.

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