A couple of more supplements

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Now in the article “Supplements (A common sense approach)”. I left a list of a few supplements I either liked, used or both.

Supplements (A common sense approach) – Ironbywood

There were a few more supplements that I failed to mention –


Beachbody’s Shakeology


Now again, research for yourself, read ingredient labels, talk to your Doctor and a Sports Dietitian.

Utilize some of the names I left in the first article as well.

Now the picture in the first article is from 1996. By that time I had used supplements once for about a month or so.

The picture with this article is from 1993.

So no, supplements didn’t build me, it was a pure blessing of God.

Not that anything is wrong with supplements or I wouldn’t have written 2 articles on them. Also I wouldn’t have started using them myself on a semi-regular basis in 2012.

My point is this. Pending on the genetics you have been blessed with. You can train using nothing but food.

So besides using supplements, truly learn about food and the affects it has on your body. What foods work best for you.

Many people want to diet and use supplements, along with vitamins (Nothing wrong with them either. That’s another article). But nobody wants to learn how to eat in a way that’s best for them. A nutritional lifestyle that will give them the best results for life and everyday living.

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