Looking for a Certified Personal Trainer

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Things to consider when choosing a Certified Personal Trainer.
Some of the things in this link I do not agree with. But it does open your eyes to things and should cause you to ask your CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) for references and so forth.
Lastly if a Fitness Professional is independent, they do not have to be certified, but they should have professional insurance. So if they are independent be sure to ask for their background, references as well and if they are insured.

If you are looking for a CPT, here are 2 sites that can help you find one. You can also look at the website of a certifying agency. Some of them have a directory of there certified professionals.



Lastly, if you do get personal training. Pending on how you answer the Health History/Par-Q papers. You may be asked to see or get the okay of a Primary Care Physician before starting. So sometimes seeing a Primary Care Physician before seeing a CPT can speed up the process.


Let me add a small tip of what not to do or say to a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Please do not say, “I don’t have the money for  training, but could you give me some suggestions?”. That’s insulting. Think about it. When was the last time you got a free service from someone in healthcare? Then don’t expect it in health and fitness.

If you can’t pay for personal training, go for online services. There is plenty of free info, PDF’s and e-books online. Plus gyms usually give free orientations, not to mention YouTube, then there’s of course magazines and there websites. With all that info, you should be fine. Do it on your own, with minimum cost to yourself.

That being said, if you can get personal training, get it. Do not hesitate. Personal training is structure, assessments and accountability, plus a personal coach. You can save money by getting a small group to do it with you or a ongoing fee based group class.

Lastly remember the free strength based group classes are great as well. Combine that with the info you get online and the free orientations your gym may offer. From there, you’re pretty much set.

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