3 More websites

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The last post dealt with 3 websites I enjoy looking at, listening to or both, with a couple of bonus sites in addition.

These next 3 websites I usually share with people who want to get into working out and new Fitness Professionals who want to learn more about exercise.

The first site is called “Shapefit” and one of my favorite parts of this website is there success stories. Love them: http://www.shapefit.com

The second website is “Exrx” and there is so much in this website (Well there’s a lot in all 3 of the websites). From how to calculate your heart rate to educational webinars. Just so much in this website: http://www.exrx.net

The last website is “Bodybuilding”. It has so many articles, as well as workouts you can purchase from “Fitness Experts” or “Workout Warriors”. Plus it has a social page called “Bodyspace”, I’m part of it myself. Where you can interact, encourage others and they encourage you. So take a look at this website: http://www.bodybuilding.com


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