Best Kept Secrets

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I call this “Best Kept Secrets”, because they might be resources nobody uses or use to much.

What I’m speaking of are magazines, authors, RD’s, certification sites, gyms/health clubs or even medical professionals (Yet check there qualifications of course and refer to your own doctor to see what’s best for you).

There are a few repeat links from previous post, I hope you don’t mind 🙂


With magazines, sometimes people forget that most magazines have a website:



This covers some medical professionals as well. These two authors I ran into in a grocery stores book section:


Dr. Don Colbert – Divine Health


A lot of the RD’s who have articles in magazines, also have websites:





Being certified as a personal trainer at one point. I noticed that certification websites had articles good for almost everybody, not just Fitness Professionals:


Gyms/Health Clubs-

Working at gyms, working out at gyms, being a member or seeking information on gyms, allowed me to find great articles they had posted:


Medical Professionals-

Besides Dr. Oz, Dr. Hyman and a few others who have good information. Here are a few more: (ND) (DC) (DC)

Oh, one other resource I forgot, some supplement sites.


Supplement sites are known just to talk about there product, but sometime they have general information:

Inspired Living (Just click the “Discover” title)

I hope this is helpful to your health and fitness endeavors.

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