Some new finds

Hello all. It’s been a while but I have some “new finds” as well as a few things in the pipeline to write about that I hope is informative.

These writing will be in the future, but for now I will share a few of my “new finds” website wise.

The first website is by a lady name Suzanne Prevost. I found out about her site looking for her husbands site which was very informative.

Suzanne’s husband does not seem to have a website anymore, but her website is just as good, enjoy-

The next two websites are from the same company and there magazines can be found in Vitamin Shoppe. They are “Amazing Wellness” and “Muscle and Performance”.

A lot of great information in both magazines-

Take advantage of the information in all of these websites.

Lastly I have a few new post on the Ironbywood Facebook page. Feel free to connect to the Ironbywood Facebook page to get a few more nuggets dealing with health, wellness and fitness.

#health #wellness #exercise #fitness #nutrition




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