By accident I…….

Hello all.

It is my hope to have the writings in my heart out there for you soon. But until then I thought I would share some websites that for the most part, I found accidently.

You know how it is. You’re looking for one thing and you see or find something else.

In other words, you get sidetracked or distracted. But some distractions are good ones.

Now as always it is my hope that these websites are informative. Yet I always encourage people to do there own research as well.

These first 3 websites deal with embracing or facing your relationship with food, as well embracing and accepting yourself. Actually the first website I ran into a long time, but forgot about it and looked it up again.


These next few websites deal not only with nutrition, but one of the websites talks about life in general.



The last few websites I have known about for a while, but I couldn’t remember if I shared them. So just in case, why not share them again.

Podcasts (Free download on Fasting as soon as you open the page)

The CHEK Blog

Ben Greenfield Fitness

It is my hope that these websites are helpful, yet don’t take the info as a gospel, research the info yourself. Also speak with your Doctor/Healthcare Provider and a Registered Dietician to see what’s best for you.

#nutrition #exercise #wellness #healthylifestyle #health







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