Finishing Strong

Usually about this time of the year. So many people hang it up fitness wise or just start being inconsistent.

There hope is to start fresh next year, start the year off right.

Though I don’t want to discourage anybody from starting over. Finishing strong is also a positive.

Finishing strong is not finishing fast or all out. It’s just finishing and being consistent. Doing the best you can each day and accepting it, without beating yourself up. Just showing up is a victory.

It’s like a post I seen concerning babies learning to walk. They don’t stop because it doesn’t work the first time or they fall a couple of times. They just keep on attempting until they actually start walking.

Yes, there are times when one needs to take a break. But don’t let it be an excuse to yo-yo, be consistent at being inconsistent (meaning making “Inconsistency” a habit) or over indulge in things that may make it harder to start again. You never want to feed negativity. It makes the positive things in life harder to be part of our lives, especially a healthy lifestyle.

So yes, set New Year goals and so forth. But also strive to finish strong.

As I stated in some of my last post. Lord willing look out for writings on supplements, nutrition, as well as becoming a personal trainer.

Lastly feel free to follow the “Ironbywood” Facebook page as well. Just posted a few post some people my love or find informative.

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