2 Books

A while ago I wrote to you about 2 books I was reading.

Well, now I’ve been blessed to finish both of them.

Both books deal with wellness and both books deal with science behind wellness.

The name of the book I finished first was “Live Intentionally Well”.

The book was written by Jerry Frentsos. A guy I used to work with during some time in the late 90’s I believe. 

We were both personal trainers at a gym, except he was also a cycle instructor and dietician. Outside the gym he was also a swim coach.

Jerry eventually went into Real Estate, but still kept on coaching swimming and helping people with nutrition.

His book dealt with how your wellness victories today and choices. Can help you hopefully have a better tomorrow.

I just signed up for his newsletter-

Newsletter — Jerry Frentsos (liveintentionallywell.com) 

The second book I was blessed to recently finish reading is called “BOOM!”.

It also dealt with wellness, along with the science and overall benefits of wellness. Which includes weight-loss for those interested or in need of that as a wellness goal.

The book was written or co-authored by doctor’s Stephen C. Schimpff and Harry Oken. Both MD’s.

Dr. Schimpff I would see in the same gym where I worked with Jerry Frentsos and I used to work. Dr. Schimpff and his wife were long time members, but I didn’t know them.

Dr. Oken is the head of the Medical Advisory Board for the company that owns the same gym.

Plus, I was blessed to work part-time at the local hospital where Dr. Oken had privileges. So, I saw and spoke with him quite frequently. 

If interested in the book you can purchase it through Amazon.

BOOM! Boost Our Own Metabolism: A Guide to a Better Life – Kindle edition by Oken, Harry, Schimpff, Stephen. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. 

By the time I found out about the books. I had moved to a different state.

I’m thankful and blessed that I read both books. Again, very good reads for those who are interested.

These are 2 of the books I mentioned in a past post. So, a few more on the list to go through as well as others that I have not mentioned yet.

Work and Life Wellness – Ironbywood

If you get the 2 books or any of the ones I mentioned enjoy. I hope you like them as I did.

As always check with your Primary Care doctor and a Registered Dietician to see what’s best for you

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