In Common

So, I read a few articles. In the articles I noticed a few things they had in common yet dealing with different topics.

Now they were not the same, but very similar.

This article dealt with weight-loss.

A Personalized Functional Nutrition Approach to Weight Loss – IFN Academy 

This article dealt with immune health.

The Ultimate Guide to Supporting Your Immune System (

This article dealt with proper nutrition for injury recovery.

Nutrition for Injury Recovery: Part 1 – Precision Nutrition (It’s a 5-part series. I was blessed to read it all and enjoyed every minute of it)

This I just got today on my MSN newsfeed and in ways is also very similar.

6 foods to avoid if you want to eat like the longest living people on the planet ( 

It kind of goes along the lines of what a writer said of his book. That his book was not about weight-loss, but you can possibly lose weight from what you learn from the book.

Jerry Frentsos (

So, the conclusion I get. Is having sound nutrition on a consistent basis. Can help your immune system, help you live longer, have better recovery from injuries and help with weight-loss.

Interesting stuff.

Here is some bonus material that was interesting. Some may or may not agree but look into it to learn for yourself.

HB Nutrition | Adrenal Fatigue Does Not Exist – A Review 

I wish I had the data on a webinar I listened to by an RD, that stated that there is no scientific backing for Detoxing.

This was a good read on soil and care for the earth. Articles from this guy always trip me out, because he is a Fitness Coach and Massage Therapist. But some of the stuff he says (Not all), seems to make so much sense.

Maybe it’s because I don’t know much at all (Meaning educational nutritional science. But overall neither 🙂). Who knows? Still a good read.


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