Finding your own way


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What do I mean by “Finding your own way”?

Now I don’t mean doing it yourself, not getting help or that you don’t need medical professionals. No.

I mean doing what you can to find what’s best for you health wise. Be it nutrition, exercise, rest, meditation, prayer, reading or whatever. Finding the wellness path that is best for you. With the help of exercise and health professionals if need be.

What motivated me to write this was a MSN post I seen, then a video and a podcast I listened to.

This was the MSN post-|1

This was a person who basically found there own way.

The thing is, most of us read or hear about these quick fixes. Health is not a quick fix (Yet in some miraculous cases it is, most of the time it’s not). Health usually faces the uphill battle of our bad habits, genetics, environment, resources, bad advice, bad information (Thus not looking into things ourselves nor seeking information from more than one healthcare professional), how long we have been living a certain lifestyle and how consistent we are with living a better way (Once we find it).

I must add one other thing that goes against our health, which is somewhat tide into bad habits but more into character. Patience or lack thereof. We must be patient with the process and patience with ourselves (Including our mistakes). Thus building character which is a work of a lifetime.

For character is not something that is ever mastered. Character is something that is built through out our lives. Improving on wellness in our lives helps with that process, which makes finding the path of wellness even more important.

Now sometime you can find nutrition systems that work for most people, that may also work for you. But in some cases, you may not and again you’ll have to find what works best for you.

One of the ways of finding what works for you, besides seeking the help of health or medical professionals, is education.

Lets use ingredients for an example. Most people do not read, care or know what’s in the food they are eating. Especially if it’s something besides the natural fruit, vegetable or meat (Then you have to look into how it was grown or feed). Our ignorance can be a great enemy to our health.

One of the things I do sometimes. Is if I do not know what a certain ingredient is, I look it up right there on my phone. If you can’t look it up on your phone. Call the store’s Nutritionist/RD or pharmacist. You can also wait to purchase that product until you find out what a certain ingredient is.

One grocery website has a few things or ingredients listed. Stating that they do not sell foods that have these ingredients.

Ingredient Watchlists

Some grocery stores will have certain wording or language, that is indication that no harmful ingredients are in this food (Look into it anyway. For some stores look at the degree of harm rather than just eliminating it all together).

Basically unless a grocery store is a natural or health food store (Even then, still look into it). It is not there job to be your Nutritionist. It is up to you to make the best educated/informed decision for you and your family. Stores are going to offer you options, good or bad. The choice is left up to you.

Some info that can help with your own research is found in this “Ironbywood” link. As well as a few more of the “Ironbywood” post. About the 4th post and a few after that.

Some other information I enjoyed, that motivated me to write this. Were 2 things I listened to.

One was a Podcast an old coworker posted on “LinkedIn”. The other was a video on “YouTube” a family member sent to me. The YouTube one I must listen to again, but they were both good.

Both the Podcast and the “YouTube” video referred to or talked a little bit about cereal, which was very interesting. Some of the things you will hear may make you think, “Is the food industry and government agencies truly trying to make us sick or are they just trying to make sure everybody is fed?”.

Well, again, a lot of responsibility is ours. So before we begin to play the blame game lets take some responsibility ourselves. It’s like a saying God put in my heart concerning work. But can be applied anywhere especially to a healthy lifestyle. Accountability and responsibility. To add to that. Don’t expect anybody to be responsible or accountable for what is truly your responsibility.

If we’re deceived, lied to or ignorant, that’s one thing. But after we learn what to do, it’s up to us. At the end of each “GI Joe” cartoon they would have a lesson and conclude that lesson by saying “….and that’s half the battle” (My paraphrase could be wrong). Meaning what was taught. Why? Because the other half is actually putting into practice what you’ve learned. Yet, as stated earlier in this writing. Putting new things into practice, developing new habits is a whole new battle or journey.

Anyway here are the Podcast and YouTube video. It is my hope, that this helps you in “Finding your own way”.


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