Interview with Steve Haywood, Pro Bodybuilder and Physique Competitor

                                                            Steve Haywood Interview

So, what got you into bodybuilding and when did you start?

Steve: Well, you know the history here.  You were the person who approached me about competing. Before that, I hadn’t given it any thought.  I just finished my football season at Bowie State University and was in the gym lifting weights.  Not only did you provide me with coaching, but you also entered me into my first show, Yohnny Shambourger’s East Coast Championships. I turned pro the following year and have been a pro in many natural organizations over the years.  I’ve continued my journey and have been competing ever since.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

Steve: There was no single source of inspiration.  You are built like a natural Paul Dillet (Thank you Steve for that serious compliment for Paul Dillet is a beast) and I always appreciated your physique because you two were about the same height.  I would also read Flex and Muscle & Fitness Magazines and would use the pictures of Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, and Kevin Levrone as motivation.  I think we all put pictures of our favorite physiques somewhere on our walls.  I remember you giving me boxes of magazines to read. That helped me to develop my passion for fitness.

When did you get into bodybuilding?

Steve: I started training in 1995 and did my first show in 1996.  Can’t believe it’s been over 25 years.  Feels like yesterday!

When did you start personal training?

Steve: I started personal training in 1996.  This is was made possible because of you.  You mentioned that it would be a good career path and even paid for my certification.  At the time it was AAAI/ISMA certified. It opened the door to many good things. I opened up my very own personal training studio 7 years later.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to be a certified personal trainer, just insured (I’ll talk about that in a future article Lord willing. Dealing with becoming a personal trainer). But what certifications have you had and are you still certified (For the public, again, as an entrepreneur. A Fitness Professional does not have to be certified, just be a professional in their craft)?

Steve: I am a certified Transformation Specialist by the ISSA.

How do you stay on top of things educationally to better serve your clients?

Steve: I will do continuing education classes when required but tend to use the internet to learn new training techniques. My degrees are in Fine Arts and Instructional Design. By trade, I am a website designer and offer fitness services part-time.

What is your specialty, and do you work with clients of all ages?

Steve: My specialty is working with athletes who are interested in competing.  I also work with clients who are new to exercising and looking to integrate it into their lifestyles. I used to train advanced athletes but no longer perform this service.

How do you make sure each client gets the training program that best meets their needs?

Steve: This comes from learning their needs, experience, and their abilities. I have never used the one size fits all method.  Each client is different, so I adjust my training styles to suit their personalities and interests.  Exercising should be fun, not scary, challenging, or hard.  I can get results simply by keeping clients motivated, engaged, and by being a role model.

What are some of the services you offer?

Steve: I work as a virtual trainer because it gives me the ability to work with clients from all over the United States and have my own app they use.  I am also a competition coach who works with bodybuilders, men + women’s physique, classic physique, figure, and now wellness.  I offer body fat analysis as well as accountability coaching for those who are looking for someone to keep them focused on their weight loss goals. Of course, I still provide personal training though this service is limited.

How can you be reached?

Steve: I can be reached through my website or direct message through my social media pages.

Do you have a website?

Are you on social media?

Any seminars, webinars, competitions, or blog articles coming up?

Steve: Yes. All shows are in Maryland or Virginia which is rare because I often travel to compete. Seminars will be held next spring, and blog articles can be found on my website.  They are added monthly.

It’s been an honor having you on Ironbywood. Keep in touch.

Steve: The honor is mine. Thank you for your continued support!

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