Protein Recipe

A protein recipe that I have been using, that I decided to share with you.

Now, I don’t know if I am the first. Probably not. Nevertheless, I’ve been blessed to do it for a few months now.

Most people use protein mix/powder in liquid or baking recipes.

Lately I have been mixing it with yogurt.

This is what I do-

Yogurt (I like to use Organic, and Grass fed if I can)

Chia seeds


Honey (Sometimes)

Turmeric Powder (Sometimes)

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Protein Powder

Mix it all together.

With the exception of the Turmeric and Protein Powder. I really don’t measure. I just put in the amounts I want.

Sometimes I’ll add Ginger Powder and nutmeg. I’ve added fruit to it on occasion as well.

I eat this by itself for the most part.

If I want to add a treat to it. I may put cookies in it, put it on Zucchini or Banana Bread, as well as Apple Pie.

If I add a treat to it. I would do this during lunch time as I attempt to cut my sugars back after 2 or 3pm.

Every now and then I may use Kefir instead of yogurt.

One More

For my cold cereal, instead of milk, sometimes I’ve used my protein shake or my protein shake mixed with a plant-based milk.

Okay, there are some of my protein ideas. Again, I can’t remember if these ideas came to me, or I read them somewhere. Nevertheless, I hope they are helpful and useful to your wellness journey.

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