How to get a quick workout

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How to get a quick workout (As seen on Paul Cheks Blog)-

Something to remember. Nutrition and rest/sleep is the foundation of exercise or a healthy lifestyle. Exercise sits upon the foundation of nutrition and rest.

The thing is, until we get through the clutter of bad habits (Bad time management, bad eating habits, no accountability and so forth), excuses and whatever we are fighting emotionally (Inner demons), nothing will change. We may also have the yo-yo affect which is similar to nothing changing.

My suggestion is meditation, prayer, reading edifying books, clergy, self-help programs, psychotherapy or a counselor. This can hopefully help you get started or get over the hump.

Here are two websites that have a lot of encouraging info and great info for a healthy lifestyle.

Two others

Pete McCall’s website

There are many, many more. I think of “Strong” magazine for woman, they a great website as well. I think of “Shapefit”‘s website and all their success stories. “Girls Gone Strong” website and believe it or not, “Simply Shredded” website. Despite all the conditioned bodies on the website. There are some people who have overcome some pretty big obstacles in life which is very inspiring. I believe “ has a few stories like that as well. Then of course YouTube has a lot of quick workouts on it.

Just be sure to get your doctors clearance for exercise and at least get a fitness assessment to see where you are fitness wise.

Lord willing, I will also be sharing my current workout which I hope can be helpful as well.

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