My workout today

                                                            My workout Today

My workout today can fall under the quick workout category.

When COVID-19 hit I had to modify my workouts. As a matter of fact, I missed a whole lot of workouts do to not knowing (Meaning not figuring out) how to schedule around work and family activities.

I am thankful to God in Jesus name, to be blessed with a physical and essential job. But I knew to be able to work at a high level, have less chance of injury and stay in shape. I had to find a way to get a workout.

At first, I just modified my nutrition. As not to gain access weight because of not working out.

After a while God blessed me with the idea to get up early enough to workout in the morning before going to work. If I get up early enough 😊

These are the exercises that I do. Doing 1 – 2 sets, 3 – 5 times a week.

A person can modify them or progress them as needed. If a person has a question on how to do this. They should hire a personal trainer for at least 1 or 2 sessions, after receiving the okay to exercise by their doctor.

Body-weight squats, 5 – 10 reps

Wall push-ups, 10 – 15 reps

Push-ups, 10 – 15 reps

Pull-ups, 5 – 10 reps

One-legged bridging, 10 reps

Sit-ups, 10 reps

Planks, 30 sec

Side planks, haven’t done these in a while but may add them back in.

I sometimes increase the reps according to how I feel and how much time I have.

Besides the help of a Fitness Professional/Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer. Two good websites to use after receiving the okay to exercise from your doctor are as follows. Exrx and Shapfit. Muscle and Strength and Bodybuilding{.}com may also be good resources.

Now that the gyms are open again. I do get one day in at the gym most weeks and Lord willing may add another day. We’ll see 😊

Before bed I do my foam rolling and stretching if I can.

I hope this is helpful to you as you strive for a healthier lifestyle as well.

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