Hidden Nutrition Resources

Hidden Nutrition Resources

The one thing I like about information is. If you’re interested, there’s a lot out there.

Almost too much.

Remember when there was just the library, newspaper, and encyclopedias?

We still have those resources, only now they are digital with some having hard copy as well.

One of the hidden nutrition resources is grocery stores.

Here are some examples-






Healthy Living Guide 2021/2022 | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health



Health food stores-


A lot of health food and grocery stores have free magazines too. 

Fit and wellness certification sites-


Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Blog | ACE (acefitness.org)


Health & Fitness Blog – NASM

Precision Nutrition

Infographics Archives – Precision Nutrition

Free Courses & Guides Archives – Precision Nutrition

Chek Institute

Organics: A Gift to Your Health Part 1 – CHEK INSTITUTE

Nutritionist and Wellness Coaches websites-





Health Articles – LauraFrontiero

Gym websites-



Wellness Advocates, Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches-

Nutrition Articles by Tom Nikkola | Low-Carb, High-Protein, and More

Blog | Ovadia (ovadiahearthealth.com)

Follow the Food to Find Your Future » Paul Chek’s Blog (paulcheksblog.com)

What’s In Your Food? » Paul Chek’s Blog (paulcheksblog.com)


Diet & Nutrition Archives – Better Nutrition

Healthy Eating 101 | EatingWell

Some Supplement Companies-

Cutting-edge health information at your fingertips – Life Extension

Free Wellness Guides | Support Your Health Goals | Thorne

Don’t forget all the government (Local, state, and federal) health, wellness, and nutrition websites as well.

Even though I’m not scratching the surface of all the info out there. I feel it’s important that we learn how to fish (Seek info for ourselves), ask our health provider questions, and research, research, research. As well as seek 2nd and 3rd opinions.

As always check with your doctor and an RD to see what’s best for you.

I hope this is helpful to you with your fitness journey.

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