Empower Yourself. Book Recommendations

                                             Empower Yourself, Book Recommendations

Hopefully soon I will be having “Why We’re Unhealthy 2”.

Why We’re Unhealthy, Part 1 – Ironbywood

Until then, I wanted to give you some resources to empower yourself toward good health.

These resources will hopefully give you tools to consult with your Physician, Registered Dietician/Nutritionist, and a Personal Trainer. To help plot out the best path for your health.

The first recommendations I got from a somewhat new website on the block. At least for me, from the ones I usually read, and it had some great recommendations. Good website as well-


Must-read books about metabolic health – Levels (levelshealth.com)

Purely Rooted Nutrition-

Run by one Nutritionist who has some very good content on their website as well-

Nutrition Books Worth Reading & Movies Worth Watching (purelyrootednutrition.com)

Lisa Howard-

Her book called, “The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils”, floored me and opened my eyes to a lot of things. Basically, most of the cooking oils we buy in the store and that are used in the foods we buy are terrible. If used or consumed too much, they can also be bad for us. Increasing Omega-6 in our body far too much and creating unhealthy inflammation in our body. Which could lead to terrible metabolic health among other things down the road. As well as maybe making our immune system weaker.

How can this be? Well, it’s not illegals, nor lethal. It’s what happens in the long term because of our ignorance and lack of resources that gets us.

Plus, profit before the people. There are other factors, not so negative. Like, making the oil stretch. Being able to make a profit to supply jobs and so forth.

Nothing wrong with Omega-6, we just want a good balance in our bodies between Omega-6 and Omega-3’s (Search, research and talk to your doctor, as well as a Registered Dietician, about Omega-6 and Omega-3).

I believe one should get food that is real and true as possible. What is made and derived closes to nature.

But you can also only get what you can afford and what’s available to you. Do what’s best for you.

Ultimately our health is our responsibility. Who we choose to partner with toward our health and longevity goals is also our responsibility too (Healthcare Provider). In addition, we must all do our own research and have a healthcare Provider in our corner who doesn’t mind that.

Dr. Ovadia at https://ovadiahearthealth.com/, talks about that and questions to ask your doctor.

Okay, back to the book on oils and it’s book recommendations.

After clicking the link, scroll down and look to the right. There you will see her book recommendations-

The Cultured Cook


OPEX, is a health and fitness education site. It certifies people to be Fitness Coaches/Personal Trainers in the Fitness Industry.

They have a lot of great resources for working out that even the public can use.

They have book recommendations for health, fitness, nutrition, and the mental aspect wellness-

Books for Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers: 20 Must Reads (opexfit.com)

Paul Chek and Chek institute-

Paul Chek gives a few references in the first link. I like how he states where he gets info or learned something.

What’s In Your Food? » Paul Chek’s Blog (paulcheksblog.com)

Resource Books – CHEK INSTITUTE

Susan Birch-

Health Results-

Recommended Reading – Health Results

Other books-

Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence – Kindle edition by Lembke, Anna. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. (Heard about this book through a podcast or Nutritional Weight and Wellness, http://www.weightandwellness.com)

I did a search about a year ago to see if this title was used, because I was going to use it. Come to find somebody has written some books with the title.

Inflammation Nation | Book by Floyd H. Chilton, Laura Tucker | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster (simonandschuster.com) 

An Inflammation Nation: The Definitive 10-Step Guide to Preventing and Treating All Diseases through Diet, Lifestyle, and the Use of Natural Anti-Inflammatories: Pai MD, Sunil: 9780692514870: Amazon.com: Books 

An Inflammation Nation by Dr. Sunil Pai, MD

These are some recommendations from the “Ironbywood” website-

Tom Nikkola-

Also just bought a book that Tom Nikkola wrote. Love reading his material as well.

He writes on everything, including news and politics for those who have that interest. My interest is his health, fitness, nutrition and self-help articles he writes.

Just go to his site, www.tomnikkola.com and scroll down. He has a free course that goes along the same lines as the book, Free Email Course – VIGOR Training

Some of these websites have free downloads if you look through them. So, feel free to search through them.

Whatever book or books you choose. I hope they help you and your healthcare provider, plot a course for better or excellent health.


Dr. Susan Blum

The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum MD (blumhealthmd.com)

Dr. Michael Murray-

Free Resources | Dr. Michael Murray (doctormurray.com)

Deanna Minich-

Downloads | Deanna Minich

Dr. Terry Wahls-

Dr. Terry Wahls, MD & Author – Official website of Dr. Terry Wahls, who has recovered from secondary progressive MS using The Wahls Protocol

Dr. Terry Wahls: Reversing Degenerative Disease with the Power of Real Food | Fat-Burning Man (fatburningman.com)

Dr. Phillip Ovadia-

Books | Ovadia (ovadiahearthealth.com)

Dr. William Li-

Eat to Beat [Book] – The New Science of How the Body Can Heal Itself (drwilliamli.com)

To close, two sayings I want you to think about. I’m not even going to look them up right now. So, I’m not going to do them justice, but you will get the point.

“Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, my fault”. Or is it shame on you, then shame on me? I know you all get it though.

The next one I saw this with the picture of a Hip-hop artist on social media, so who knows if they said it or not. Yet given who it was, I wouldn’t doubt it. Again, I may not do it justice.

“Don’t be mad/upset at the truth that made you uncomfortable. Be mad/upset at the lie that made you comfortable”.

The hip-hop artist in the picture was a gentleman name KRS-1.

I will add, rather than being upset, as not to add stress to your life.  Just start practicing the truth you and your healthcare provider find towards better health.

If you don’t feel you have the right healthcare provider, search for another one.

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