Why We’re Unhealthy, Part 1

Why We’re Unhealthy, Part 1

When this came to my mind, I was going to entitle it “We don’t want to be healthy”. 

But the truth is, though most of us are not as healthy as we want to be. Each person has some desire to improve upon their health. Even if the desire is not as high as it probably should be.

With that said, let me define my definition of health.

Emotional health-

To me emotional health is like the “Serenity Prayer” in its entirety. There are a lot of other sayings that can be used. Like those other sayings, the “Serenity Prayer” says it in a nutshell.

Spiritual Health-

A person’s belief system. It could be a theology or something they’ve created for themselves as their internal campus.

Internal health-

Blood pressure, thyroid, heart health, blood sugar, dental, eye health, positive blood readings and a few others.

External health-

Posture, flexibility, proper movement, as well as cardiovascular health. Which could also be put in as Internal health.

But what you will find is that it’s all tied together anyway. Meaning Emotional health, Spiritual health (A persons belief system), Internal health, and External health.

They’re all connected and affect one another and your overall health.

I’m asking a few experts in their field there top 3 reasons or more of “Why we’re Unhealthy” in this world. Especially here in the US.

For me, the top 3 reasons are-

1. Stress and sleep tied together. Though stress is not always caused by lack of sleep, it is a contributor in a lot of cases.

(Sleep is a big week point for me. I’m that stay up late and get things done. Instead of that, go to sleep and just get up early and do it. So, I’m not perfect by no means. We’re all works in progress.)

2. Lack of movement for some.

3. Ignorance of the importance of nutrition.

Therefore, when our health goes south, we’re reactive. Rather than being proactive which gives us the fighting chance against disease with prevention.

I’m going to add one more point. That is, unfortunately, people don’t care enough about their health to do anything about it.

Here’s an example. How many times have you seen somebody who eats healthy, rarely eats certain things at a work or social events?

They’re always just 1 or 2 people. What do people say to them?

“Oh, you’re one of those healthy people”. 

Then they might joke or say, “Yeah I need to do better”.

They may start for a week or never do it at all.

In most cases if a person makes a joke, you know they’re not going to do anything.

After that, it takes bad health or a major health scare to motivate them (Reactive).

Then it’s, how long will they stick with it or are they too far gone.

Let’s hope the best, be optimistic and keep striving to improve ourselves.

Striving for better health is not a guarantee that we will be healthy. It just allows our bodies to be stronger to get through health complications, as well as giving us a better chance for functional longevity. 

I’ve asked a few experts to share their top 3 reasons or more of “Why we’re Unhealthy”.

You’ll see their response in Part 2 of “Why we’re Unhealthy”.

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